As digital transformation evolves the state of selling, sales organizations who stay ahead of change have a unique opportunity to pull ahead of their competition. The road to success, however, has become increasingly complex. Leading companies must maintain meaningful engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. According to Forrester, just 36% of B2B executives believe that salespeople understand their problems, yet, at best these executives provide only 2% of their work time communicating with their vendor Sales teams. Rapid market innovation and a customer-centric buying cycle are leading to a need for more engagement with customers though customers have less and less time for direct engagement. What time you do get engaging with customers must be compelling. Sales leaders who implement collaboration strategies with internal stakeholders, external partners, and the customers themselves evolve from commodity sales into value-based relationships. Collaboration practices can proactively develop roadmaps to meet short- and long-term customer needs while providing mutually valuable opportunities to engage the customer over the long term.

The Alliancesphere Solution:

By leveraging customer-focused collaboration experts, sales teams can deploy partner-augmented capabilities to rapidly innovate toward the customer and prospect needs. Alliancesphere provides collaborative frameworks to help Sales leaders empower cross-functional and partner-driven resources to orchestrate complex sales and drive last-mile customer value. Providing new fundamentals to deliver stable transformation through strategic relationships, Alliancesphere can help maximize new paths to revenue and higher customer and partner relevance in new selling environments.

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Alliancesphere helps Sales leaders and their teams to:

Know your customers

reach them in their terms, and leverage technology to drive innovation and agility.

Drive meaningful customer experiences

with your people, your solutions, and your content.

Maximize new pipeline

and speed time to execution.

Leverage frameworks

and technology to drive internal, external, and cross-functional accountability.

Surpass revenue goals

with differentiated offerings that meet customer demands, before the competition.

Lead organizational growth

with sustainable and measurable digital sales models.

Drive stable transformation

to your organization with proven, collaborative execution frameworks that spur innovation.

Discover the businesses who have broken alliance records with collaborative execution.

Leaders from over half of the Fortune 50 rely upon Alliancesphere expertise to surpass their collaboration goals.


Serves over half of the Top 20 high tech companies by market value.
Source: Fortune, 2018.

Has helped over 10,000 cross-functional participants.

Delivers collaboration services across five continents.

Drives collaboration for over half of the Fortune 50