Digital Transformation

While Digital Transformation (DTx) is not the only strategic initiative companies have underway, it changes everything. Today, internal and external collaboration is the driving force behind unlocking new digital opportunities and customer value. Engaging the right stakeholders and sustaining on-going collaboration increases in difficulty as complexity increases, traditional boundaries collapse silos, and competing priorities emerge. Integrating ideas and data into a holistic digital transformation strategy requires consistent engagement, execution, and collaboration within an organization and far outside its boundaries.

The Alliancesphere Solution:

Alliancesphere’s consulting, training, and technology services enable DTx leaders to better leverage cross-functional and partner resources to deploy disruptive strategy and technologies. Through a combination of expert consultation and facilitated program deployment, DTx leaders work with Alliancesphere to create a common language, ensure engagement and follow-through, and enable collaboration across stakeholders and traditional silos. Over half of the Top 20 High-Tech companies rely upon Alliancesphere to help teams drive growth and DTx through collaboration.

Explore Digital Transformation Services

Alliancesphere helps Digital Transformation leaders and their teams to:

Motivate colleagues

across functions to engage and collaborate toward achieving DTx initiatives.

Educate and train

colleagues across teams and functions on DTx and collaboration best-practices.

Identify and facilitate digital opportunities

across teams, partners, and industries.

Align and execute Digital Transformation strategy

across Business Units with collaboration as an on-going practice.

Identify strategy

secure budget, manage deployment, and ensure adoption of new technology and collaboration habits.

Understand and predict prospect and client needs

and challenges, while securing development and resources to meet these needs.

Discover the Digital Transformation leaders who have tackled silos with collaborative execution.

Over half of the Top 20 High-Tech companies rely upon Alliancesphere to help teams drive growth and digital transformation through collaboration.


Serves over half of the Top 20 high tech companies by market value.
Source: Fortune, 2018.

Has helped over 10,000 cross-functional participants.

Delivers collaboration services across five continents.

Drives collaboration for over half of the Fortune 50