Alliancesphere Facilitated Programs drive collaboration across internal stakeholders, partners and customers with a combination of proven methodology, predictable process and expert facilitation. This higher-touch training approach encompasses a variety of bundled solutions that are deployed by our team of senior Facilitators, who have extensive industry, functional, and collaboration experience across the world’s largest companies and who possess strong mediation and negotiation skills. We match the right facilitator with each program scenario to lead stakeholders through our planning process and drive their behavioral change. Our Facilitated Programs have been proven and refined through more than 1,000 discrete engagements.


Facilitated Program solutions include:

Facilitated Program solutions help organizations:

Orchestrate joint efforts

to align with partner, customer, and internal value while strengthening relationships across stakeholders.

Define and agree on paths to mutual success

prior to investments in offer development or go-to-market resources.

Fully understand your customers

initiatives, challenges and growth plans to align offerings to value that is highly relevant to their unique growth plans.

Deliver differentiated customer experiences

by driving the customer’s most complex and rewarding initiatives to execution.

Uncover immediate and future joint opportunities

by linking corporate strategies to field execution plans.

Build execution-focused collaborative plans

for strategy, accounts, opportunities, and individual activities.

Establish a governance approach

to move forward key initiatives and learn how to transform joint ideas into rapid outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Help your business drive predictable collaborative execution with a standardized yet agile approach.