Use Cases

Transform Company to a “Customer-First” Model for Growth and Innovation 


Traditional and Target Customers craving innovation from Company, beyond traditional market offers

Current organizational structure overly complex—too hard to coordinate resources to work with Customers to grow their businesses in new and different ways

Evolve from transactional sales into value-based relationships, from product to relationship selling

Meet short- and long-term customer needs while providing mutually valuable opportunities to engage the customer over the long term

Alliancesphere Approach

Alliancesphere developed and operationalized a new, integrated model for Customer and Sales engagement to support the US org desires to simplify, innovate, and grow as a customer-first organization. Workstreams encompassing 6 months of work focused on:

Getting the Customer Sales and Engagement Model “right”

Current-state baseline and gap analysis

New and enhanced role definitions

Role mapping to Customer lifecycle management

Refining the Sales and Specialists Coverage model across Customer Segments (by BU, Industry)

Creating education for first-line stakeholders impacted by Sales and Engagement Model changes

Managing implementation and execution of the Model in a phased manner through FY1H


“Customer-First” Sales Transformation Impact

NPS Increase of 21 Points

35% Increase in YoY Bookings

Increased Account Penetration

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Use Cases

Help your business make Collaboration a habit across your company, your partners, and your customers.

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