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FY22 Partnering Approach and Resource Plan to maximize Partnership impact


Company Executives have set as a core corporate strategy a pivot to selling into Adaptive Application customer initiatives. To support field-level execution against this strategy in FY22, Executive Leadership wanted to make structural changes to the Company approach to Partnering to better engage and execute with Alliance Partners, especially within the Adaptive Apps Target Ecosystem.

Company asked Alliancesphere to answer three core questions:

What is recommended partnering org structure for Company to be as effective as possible across ISV/Tech, Cloud, and GSIs?

Should Company have a field alliance manager role? What would it look like, what would be the benefit, and how are others doing it?

Beyond partnering org., what are some of Company’s most significant programmatic gaps in approaching and operating Partnerships?

Alliancesphere Approach

Alliancesphere applied its deep knowledge of leading Technology companies & their Alliance Partner programs and best-known Partnership optimization methods to provide analysis and recommendations to evolve the Company’s Partnering Approach.

Specific areas of focus for the approach included:

Developing baseline understanding of Company’s Partnering approaches and current execution with various Partner Types

Evaluating and prioritizing strategies and activities to close identified gaps and evolve execution with Company’s Partners; define a recommended Company Partnering Approach

Building Company’s FY22 Partnering Approach Plan for the prioritized strategies and activities


Alliancesphere provided its analysis and recommendations in a late-2021 Executive-level readout for the Company. Company is conducing a series of early-2022 internal alignment and commitment workshops with Executives to finalize commitment to the approach and integrate it into their 2022 kickoff plans.

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