Use Cases

Facilitated Program for Collaborative Customer and Supplier Account Planning

High Tech Company – 7 year investment for top 100 customers globally


Customers viewed company as a vendor rather than a strategic partner

Looking to evolve 1:1 sell-to relationships to 360̊ relationships through a repeatable, scalable approach

Evolution of cloud and emerging competitive landscape driving unprecedent change

Need to open new revenue streams, address emerging market complexities and better leverage internal resources and partners in a holistic way

Alliancesphere Approach

Alliancesphere was engaged to craft account team recovery and growth strategies through multiple custom planning interventions (Global Team, Team + Customer, Team + Ecosystem Partners, Team + Customer + Ecosystem Partners). Since program inception, 110 workshops have been deployed across 57 unique accounts cutting across segments, geographies and industries. While engaging, Alliancesphere discovered:

Ineffective leverage of whole org and partner ecosystem to drive adoption

Lack internal alignment, coordination and orchestration

Alliancesphere created the Global Accounts Program to develop and apply 360 ̊ strategy that optimizes internal assets and resources, leverages the partner ecosystem and enhances customer intimacy. Leveraging three custom offerings with modular content: Alliancesphere worked with teams, ecosystem partners and customers to build cohesive plans with internal and external strategies aligned to the customer. Other activities included: (1) Baselined account(s) to understand where they were and any potential issues (2) Map priorities (3) Agree to account strategy with leadership to improve performance


Greater leverage of entire org, partners and internal resources (i.e. working from customer-back to form partnerships)

Executive-to-executive alignment, team tenure extended, EA renewals made easy through focus on deployment and adoption

Increased business value to customer from technology investments, greater company relevance to customers initiatives, enhanced customer experience, new strategic joint initiatives


7+ Years

of significant YoY growth

#1 Rank

in Intra-Ecosystem Collabration


Customer Satisfaction Results


Investment Influences Revenue

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Use Cases

Help your business make Collaboration a habit across your company, your partners, and your customers.

Leaders from over half of the Fortune 50 rely upon Alliancesphere expertise to surpass their collaboration goals.