Use Cases

Facilitated Program for Collaborative Customer and Account Planning


Lack a formal account planning process, particularly with client’s involvement

Evolve from commodity sales into value-based relationships and move from product to relationship selling

Meet short- and long-term customer needs while providing mutually valuable opportunities to engage the customer over the long term

Need consistent collaboration and integration among cross-functional teams with siloed organizations, functional teams, data pools, customers and end-customers

Alliancesphere Approach

Alliancesphere implemented and facilitated a customized Collaborative Account and Customer Planning program leveraging customer-centric planning methodology to drive new, necessary behaviors both internally and with customers. The program focuses on maximizing value for the customer, enabling the company to translate what they can do to support that value. Facilitators implemented the program through a combination of internal account planning and collaborative business planning for 15 key clients by:

Allying key internal stakeholders to design and guide a 360° account strategy and execution plan to secure contract renewals, grow revenue, increase share of wallet, drive deployment, and deepen relationships with key customers

Uniting internal and customer stakeholders to create a joint initiative plan aligned to the customer’s strategic priorities and imperatives.



Total 12 month
Incremental Pipeline Value


ROI PTD* (Projecttion to 50x)
Mid 7 - Low 8 Figures Results


Average Deal Cycle
Time Improvement



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Use Cases

Help your business make Collaboration a habit across your company, your partners, and your customers.

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