Use Cases

Ecosystem Sales Acceleration Program and Platform

High-Tech Company – Ecosystem model for all partners - $5M+ investment


Channel GTM Solutions were oversaturated, sales suffering fatigue and challenge to sell against competition

Heavy new competition in core solution areas

Multi-partner solutions challenging to sell

Complex solutions under-developed

Sales teams not aligned and reluctant to sell together

Alliancesphere Approach

Alliancesphere helps companies collaborate to transform their organizations, drive innovation, and sell multi-partner solutions by realizing the full potential of their ecosystem partner relationships. Alliancesphere co-created and co-developed the Ecosystem Sales Acceleration Platform, which is supported by a holistic framework, an end-to-end methodology, on-demand tools, and a cohesive set of templates. The platform scales simple to complex solutions through two offerings supporting various degrees of solution maturity, including sell with and sell through GTM’s.

The scaled offering equips Partner Sellers to quickly understand business drivers, identify and qualify opportunities and account plans to sell business outcomes faster based on sellers and customer buyers insights using a proven, simple, and predictable approach. The accelerated offering is a holistic end to end GTM methodology designed to successfully accelerate monetization of multi-party solutions.



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Use Cases

Help your business make Collaboration a habit across your company, your partners, and your customers.

Leaders from over half of the Fortune 50 rely upon Alliancesphere expertise to surpass their collaboration goals.