Shawn Russell

Alliancesphere principal Shawn Russell came to Alliancesphere early on, in 2003—"I was employee number four," he says—and like Lorin Coles graduated from the University of Georgia, although ironically they never met there, even though they were practically next-door neighbors at one point, both were business majors, and they had friends in the same fraternities.

With 20 years' experience in business development, alliance management, and marketing in both domestic and international markets, Shawn's strength is in Client Services—where he focuses on driving collaborative engagements to positive results. He's a master at "getting it done"—directing all the many moving parts, pieces, and people involved in an alliance and keeping everyone aligned and on task.

A quick thinker with a subtle wit, he's an experienced leader of large, multiphase engagements for Alliancesphere clients including HP, Microsoft, UPS, Coca-Cola, Equifax, and Intel; he has an outstanding reputation for managing engagement teams and delivering on target, on time, every time.

He's a master at "getting it done"—directing all the many moving parts, pieces, and people involved in an alliance

Prior to joining Alliancesphere, Shawn headed SPR Marketing, a consulting firm that served the sales and marketing needs of companies looking to formalize their sales and marketing plans, raise capital, or engage in market research.

Before that Shawn served as director of business development for ServiceCentral Technologies, an enterprise software company focusing on reverse logistics applications. His responsibilities there included the reorganization of the company's business development department, management of strategic partner Agilent Technologies, and creation of partnerships in accordance with ServiceCentral's strategic direction.

Shawn also served as director of account management for WebMD's largest strategic partner: Microsoft. In this role, Shawn was responsible for executing the joint strategy and marketing plan to demonstrate the value of Microsoft and WebMD technology.

In addition to his work with Alliancesphere, Shawn has served as the president of the Southeast Chapter of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP). He holds a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Georgia and a master of business administration degree from Emory University and Johannes Kepler Universität in Austria.