andrew burke

Quiet, smart, confident, and the unofficial "house contrarian," Alliancesphere principal Andrew Burke is the guy you want to run ideas past to make sure you haven't missed something crucial.

At Alliancesphere, Andrew has served as lead consultant and subject matter expert for the HP-Microsoft alliance, The Coca-Cola Company, and other critical Alliancesphere engagements. Known for his expertise in qualitative research and analysis and his ability to understand context, then synthesize and communicate rich content for diverse audiences, he's a master at turning business conversations into actionable insights—a "word cruncher" in the best sense, someone who can take multiple interlocking connections and weave them into a clear, integrated story.

Prior to joining Alliancesphere, Andrew served as director of alliances and analyst relations for Scient (formerly iXL, Inc.), where he met Lorin Coles. At Scient, Andrew was responsible for developing and managing strategic worldwide partner relationships within an alliance portfolio of leading software companies, including Mercury Interactive, Autonomy, Verity, ISS, Aspect, Mercator, and Epicentric.

he's a master at turning business conversations into actionable insights—a "word cruncher" in the best sense

Working with key executives, he helped create the formalized alliance development process for Scient and oversaw this program, screening more than 500 companies interested in partnering with Scient. Additionally, he managed relationships with key industry analyst firms (such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and Yankee Group), with duties including the creation of an annual analyst relations plan.

Andrew also served as a research analyst for three of Scient's chief technology officers, creating SWOT analyses on potential acquisition targets and alliance partners, and producing detailed white papers. Andrew also worked closely with the leadership team to create the business plan and investor deck for a spin-out from the company, with these materials instrumental in closing a $50 million first round of funding.

Andrew holds both bachelor's and master's degrees from Texas A&M University, and pursued a Ph.D. in English (ABD) at the University of Georgia. He also taught at both institutions.